Dear Friend,

My name is Alexander. I teach pick up professionally and I've also been a boot camp instructor for 6+ years.

Like every guy who's joined the dating community, I started off several years ago, desperate to find success with women, but even after a year meeting women and having some great successes, I was still constantly afraid of approaching women.

I was completely frustrated because my success was very inconsistent.

One night, I could effortlessly approach, get number closes, kiss closes, and "go all the way"…

On others… I'd be terrified!

I would go home after avoiding sets all night feeling totally STRESSED and DEPRESSED because I was just too scared to approach

.…Fed up, I started hunting for the "permanent fix" to approach anxiety!

Boy was I shocked at what I learned…

The first thing I discovered was that most of the common approach techniques taught by mainstream gurus were either highly inconsistent, or flat out wrong - and they actually INCREASED your approach anxiety…

I'm not kidding…

Constantly need openers to approach? That's just a mask that hides your own insecurity (and makes it worse…)

…And how's that 3-second rule been working for you lately?

…And don't even get me started on some of the "inner game" notions that have been spread across the Internet about eliminating approach anxiety…

For me it was all a bunch of ineffective nonsense…

When I mastered my dating skills, I even went out with some of the most famous PUAs, many of them even admitted to me that they know about the flaws in their material, but they teach it anyway…

After years of experimenting, field-testing, and coaching my students at my live boot camps, with my own unique ideas about approaching women, I eventually "cracked the code" on how to approach women without the fear of rejection, or Approach Anxiety.

…And I boiled it down into a system that ANYONE could master in 30 days or less.

So how do you approach and attract women consistently?

By permanently eliminating your approach anxiety…


Not for 36 hours at a $3000 work shop…

Not for a few weeks after watching a seminar…


I've held my own live boot camps for years, and I've personally trained many guys to meet countless unreasonably hot women, but until now, I've kept my mouth shut about approach anxiety and I've been hidden deep, "behind the scenes" in the Seduction Community.


Because I'm just not that into the spotlight that "gurus" love - and I have decent success in other businesses, so I've never seen the point of making my name too well known.

…But after being begged by clients who couldn't afford my private boot camps, and seeing all of the bad advice being promoted by other pickup gurus, and watching the devastating effects of approach anxiety, I felt like I had to share my knowledge on a larger scale to help others get this area handled…

Why You Still Can't Approach Women Because Of Approach Anxiety…

I come from a family of psychologists. I even have a degree in psychology, it's one of my passions and I've studied every area of the field you can mention…

I've learned from psychology, is that once you have Approach Anxiety, you can't just "get rid of it" with slick marketing gimmicks like the ones promoted in the dating industry.

Approach Anxiety gets engraved into your mind like a message chiseled in stone…

When this happens, no matter what techniques you learn to become more successful with women, Approach Anxiety literally becomes your tombstone

The ONLY way out of Approach Anxiety, and to start approaching women consistently, is by carving a new message into your brain.

And you can't do that with things like smooth tactics…

That would be like trying to remove the message chiseled in stone by covering it with mud…

Sooner or later the mud fades away…

That's why I decided to apply my advanced infield experience as a dating instructor COMBINED with my in depth knowledge in the field of psychology to write a book designed to chisel away Approach Anxiety, permanently, once and for all.

I call it, "Kill your approach anxiety"

tick How to PERMANENTLY eliminate 100% of your approach anxiety in 30 days or less.
tick Build the kind of jaw-dropping confidence that spontaneously allows you to approach women by saying ANYTHING. (Hint: you'll probably start telling women devilishly attractive things you won't DARE say now.
tick A fun and easy exercise that increases your attractive charisma when starting conversations with women tenfold in just 7 days…
tick 8 Fascinating new dating facts that reveal truth about approach anxiety that most "gurus" don't want you to know.
tick How to convert even the most crippling fear into earth shattering confidence that literally blasts through any hot woman's defenses instantly.
tick A sneaky trick I used to teach a 28 year-old virgin client, who'd never been kissed, to approach hundreds of women with the confidence of a LION - AND lose his virginity in 3 weeks.
tick 3 advanced psychology tricks that FORCE you to "get into state," anytime -- even against your will.
tick Approach women with confidence that radiates from your deep inner core, no matter how much you've struggled "work up your confidence" to approach in the past.
tick Why you're still afraid of approaching women - even after spending dozens, maybe hundreds of hours studying pick up programs!
tick A simple "mental massage" trick that kills your fear of rejection, humiliation, or caring what other people think.
tick The 3 GIANT ways most guys subconsciously talk themselves out of approaching women - and how to "catch yourself" so you'll never avoid approaching gorgeous babes again.
tick A fast-track map to mastering the art of starting conversations with women in DAYS not YEARS…
tick How to feel your fear of the approach decrease progressively - like a thermometer. Each day, your ability to approach and attract women confidently will be measurably better than the day before.
tick Are you still using the 3-second rule? Find out why it is actually hurting you, and a new technique that works 5-10 times better.
tick You can't fight what you can't see: Here's a secret shortcut that makes you lose your ability to perceive approach anxiety in just 2 minutes per day.
tick Why affirmations, "positive thinking", and trying to "convince" yourself that there's nothing to be afraid of never EVER works, and what you should do instead.
tick 4 words that effortlessly open ANY set ANYTIME.
tick Anxiety-killing techniques from NLP, behavioral psychology, Gestalt, Cognitivo, Psychoanalysis, and Hypnosis that are so powerful that if I ever take this product off the market now you'll know why…
tick How to prevent approach anxiety from EVER coming back, so that you'll continue to meet gorgeous women effortlessly for years to come...
tick And so much more!

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Once you're done reading you'll do the exercises for 30 days, it'll take 5-7 minutes per day, and they're designed to destroy your Approach Anxiety. Then you'll go out on a special in field approaching mission every say…

At the end of 30 days, you will have reduced your Approach Anxiety by 90% -- that's my promise to you.

That means that you won't ever hesitate to approach a woman you want to talk to, or creatively avoid opening sets because you're scared. You'll also have a dramatically increased ability to open sets large or small without any canned openers.

And the best part is, right now, you can take advantage of this entire offer RISK FREE.

That means you can download my book right now and read it cover to cover, and actually field test all of my ideas right away, just to be sure that my advice is worth every penny.

If you try my material and you don't get the results you were looking for. Just send an email to the address on your receipt, and say "cancel" in the subject line. I'll send you a prompt refund, no questions and no hassle.

Click the button below right now. You'll be taken to a secure order form where you will fill in your information. It takes about 20 seconds. We'll instantly send you an email with a copy of your book which you'll start reading right now!

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That's right. You can test drive these products for a full 60 days after your purchase to check out this product to see if it are for you.

Read it. Absorb. Apply it to your existing business. Observe the results.

If for any reason at all, you're not satisfied with this product whatsoever, just contact me, let me know why, and I'll refund your purchase, provided you delete the copy off your hard drive.


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I really want to see you handle this once and for all. Life has so much more to offer than the struggle, and frustration that comes with having approach anxiety control your life.

Friend and Mentor,

Alexander Valmont.

On that note, I sincerely thank you to taking action today, and I wish you the best on your journey to dating mastery.

PS. : If you're really serious about eliminating 90% of your Approach Anxiety in 30 days, and developing raging confidence, effortless approaches and attracting a hotter of women than you've ever dated, then I HIGHLY recommend that you buy my ebook Kill your approach anxiety right now… You can try it RISK FREE for 60 days.

Hear What Other Customers Have To Say About My Book And Me.

"Nobody in this community teaches the exercises in controling your state like your course did. This is pure genius. No fluff, all action. Highly recommended!!!!" Frank, 24, Calgary

"I was a 28 years old virgin before I joined Alexander and his team. I got laid during the third week of the program, and I now have NO problem at ALL approaching women." Ludovick G. ,27, Montreal

"You totally changed my life. This is more than just a product on approach anxiety. This is a product on how to manage your emotions. It changed my life with women and also in business." Kevin, 23, London

"I've been in the Game for 6 years and my main problem was State management. This product it the SHIT. I got rid of my state problems" Spike,27, Los angeles

"I feel much more confidence, and am now in a relationship with a girl that I approached during one of the exercice." Pierre, 19, Sydney.

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